Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mural Restoration - Day 2 / Cheviot Hills, California

I must admit, 81 degrees in the shade equates to "horrible" working conditions.  Add a pool, and a sun umbrella, and the only thing missing is the time to actually take a dip in the water.  Ah well, work, work, work...

Before starting work I took some more progressive photos... just to keep track of what I'd already done.  Clean and Primer where the palm trees were, and now re-paint and add some life to this section.  This would also challenge me to mix and test the colors on the spot...

 I also took a walk and took pictures of the other sections.

So this is me set up for starters today.

 I loosely marked in the shape of the palms and stood back to make sure the scale and shape were somewhat accurate.  I think I did a pretty good job.

Matching the blues and greens wasn't so tough, but getting it to blend, new to old was a little tricky.   But this has been a fun challenge.

 I began prepping and cleaning some other sections of the damaged mural.  Above the sun-bathers, there was a small section of peeling paint.
 I was sad when I got to the section of the mural with the little girl building a sand castle.  I really hoped to have a simple repair... but the cracked wall underneath had left a huge air / water bubble that just popped the paint off from the wall.  

 You can see the crack above the girl's back.  It continues up into the clouds.  The blistered paint came off easily and will be quick to patch and clean up when I go back in a few days.

 Standing back to look at what I've done today, I'm pleased with the progress.  Much more work to do next time...

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